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INSTAGRAM: instagram. A few people from the T- misc also wanted to know about my pizza diet, so here it is:. Com/ josefrakich/. Com JOSEF RAKICH' s Avatar. Diet is key to achieving the physique you want! Going on a low- fat diet is just counterproductive. Josef rakich δίαιτα πίτσα.

JosefRakichFitness. I will give you the training program diet tips, advice motivation to help you get. Josef Rakich Interview. What Is Josef Rakich Action Hero Muscle Program The V- Taper heroic body shape Hidden Secret – Really.

My diet is perfect I hit my macro nutrient targets daily my calorie requirements every single day, perfectly my food choices which I choose. Truth is, a glycemic index diet is quite irrelevant when it comes to bodybuilding purposes. Worked out a proper diet yeah its basically what i live for now this is my passion.

My name is Josef Rakich and I specialize in life- changing transformations. Let' s take white potatoes for example.

Fat does not make you fat, excess calories make you fat no matter what macronutrient those calories come from. FREE FAT LOSS GUIDE: com/ 5- ways-. This food type is often avoided.

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Josef Rakich is a personal trainer and social media personality from Auckland. a wide variety of options such as a ' pizza diet', where he ate pizza everyday.
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